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If you build it, will they come?

If you build it, will they come? Perhaps.

However, many successful people tell us that there’s also another way the story has been known to play out;

If you build it, they will question you while you build it and they will fear for your embarrassment the entire time.

Then, once it is built and you’re ready for them to come, your invitations will be magically invisible to them. So you’ll have to show up by yourself because that’s what builders do.

After you commit to showing up even when they don’t come, things will eventually start to thrive. When visible success is evident, that’s when they will all start to show up.

Then they will ask why you never told them about it.

When this happens, don’t scold them. Just smile, shrug your shoulders, and say “I guess I must’ve been too busy building.” Then, they will say “I’ve always believed in you.” Again, just smile and say “I know. Me too.” Then, just let them celebrate with you because it’s all good.


Because after a while you just start to realize that the process of building is its own reward whether they come or not. You stop getting angry at the people who don’t show up and you begin to discover a sense of satisfaction that’s deeper than anything societal praise can provide.

What you build wont always be celebrated by the masses, but being a deliberate creator still remains the best way to live a thrilling life. So if they come, then feel free to celebrate. If they don’t, keep building anyway.

T.K. Coleman

PS: Don’t forget to whistle while you work 🙂

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  1. Thank you sooo much for this post!!! Super inspiring and exactly what I needed to here today.. I just “built” a dance and fitness studio 2 months ago and this was helpful for what’s up right now! I appreciate this! 🙂

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