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The sermon I forgot. The man I remembered.

My father is a pastor.

My childhood days were filled with interesting conversations with other pastors who were friends of my dad. I can honestly say I’ve met at least hundreds of ministers in the first ten years of my life alone.

Out of all the spiritual leaders I met, there is one pastor who made a stronger impression on my heart than any other. He wasn’t the most charismatic preacher nor was he the most popular. What made him so interesting to me was this one simple fact:

Before becoming a pastor, he tried out for the Golden State Warriors basketball team and failed to make the final cut.

His failure to make the team didn’t matter to me one bit. The mere fact that he attempted something so grand was enough to set my imagination on fire.

What I remember most is how he smiled whenever I asked him questions about the NBA players he met. He always harbored such a positive attitude about his experience. He never made excuses. He didn’t blame anyone. He didn’t apologize or express any regret. He simply treated his failure as if it was one aspect of his spiritual journey. And by doing so, he unknowingly gave a young kid the permission to take major chances without ever fearing that failure was a big deal.

The more I live, the more I learn that the most interesting and impactful people in life aren’t necessarily the people who are looked upon as successful. The true world changers and revolutionaries are those who dare to follow the callings in their hearts. Such people realize that value is a quality determined by conviction not accolades.

If you have a dream, whether it’s conventional or unorthodox, I encourage you to go after it. Some kids might be watching from the sidelines and the only thing they may be looking for is a sign that everything will be okay if they tried something creative too.

By the way, I don’t remember a single sermon that pastor ever preached. I only remember the story about how he pursed his dream.

What will people remember about your life?

T.K. Coleman

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