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Let others in

When you face a challenge, avoid yielding to the temptation of regarding your particular challenge  as a unique occurrence that no one else can relate to. It may genuinely feel like that at the time, but do your best to remember that, although the details may vary, every challenge has already been faced by someone somewhere.

Why is it so important for you to keep this principle in mind?

When we fail to allow other people to relate to our difficulties, we alienate ourselves from the support we need and we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to glean from the collective wisdom of the human experience.

Our greatest asset, in the realms of problem-solving and creativity, is our ability to step outside of our own individual framework and approach the task at hand  with as many conceptual tools as possible. Saying “you just don’t understand my problem” might do a good job at making the other person feel bad, but it doesn’t move you any closer to what you desire or require.

Allowing people to relate to you is the only way to get those tools. So, set yourself free by releasing the notion that you are an island.

When you let others in, the growth can begin.

T.K. Coleman

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