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The silly path to brilliance

Brilliant ideas come from ordinary people whose minds remain open to spectacular possibilities.

Great innovators are cut from the same cloth as those who claim to have never been inspired by a creative idea.

What separates the visionaries from the observers is their willingness to regard the “silly” ideas which pass through their heads as worth acting on.

How many of us have had the experience of playfully saying “they should create a such and such…” or “wouldn’t it be funny or cool if someone made a song, movie, or book about….”, only to discover months or years later that someone actually decided to do that very thing?

Maybe it’s fear of failure or fear of looking stupid, but for whatever reason, there’s a voice of resistance in our heads that kills dreams on a daily basis with the simple phrase “that’s just your imagination.”

We must learn to transcend this voice. We all have a divine destiny that promises us lasting peace and true prosperity, but in order to have access to it we must dare to take our imaginations seriously.

Ideas only appear to be “silly” when we don’t give them a fair chance to finish their course. Have you ever interrupted someone because you thought you knew what they were going to say? Have you ever made an incorrect prediction while doing this? Has your prediction ever seemed silly in comparison to what they were actually intending to say? It’s the same way with your creative ideas. If you exercise faith in them, they will either turn out to be brilliant or they will connect you to something else that is.

You don’t have to be brilliant to create extraordinary things. You only need to be willing to follow a silly idea around long enough to stumble upon something amazing.

Paradoxical but true.

At least that’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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