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The forces of darkness & the angels of light

A long time ago a systematic campaign of disinformation was launched to convince people that stress, frustration, and fear were normal states of mind.

The dark forces behind this campaign lived by feeding on humanity’s fears & insecurities.

Our negative energy is like fuel to them.

When we fight, complain, and hate, the forces of darkness grow stronger and the angels of light grow dimmer.

When we love, appreciate, and create, the forces of darkness become weaker and the angels of light glow brighter.

Faith, hope, & love are not only spiritual virtues that lead to a fulfilling life, but they are the very keys to winning the cosmic battle of Good versus Evil.

Let’s starve the darkness and nourish the light by offering our thoughts only in service to that which promotes love, light, and life.

T.K. Coleman

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