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My dreams are sacred

Today I choose to embrace my dreams as the highest evidence of God’s will for my life.

I do not regard my dreams as mere fantasies arising from my own personal consciousness, but I consider them to be the outworking of God’s heart beating through mine; the instantiation of Divinity expressing itself as me.

I know that I was born to dream and I refuse to dismiss this capacity as something that is irrelevant or antithetical to spiritual life.

My dreams, when deeply felt, are the prayers which connect me to the Essence of All That Is.

When confidently affirmed, they are the incantations which summon angelic presences and powers into my affairs.

When believed, they are the prophecies which give hope to the present, meaning to the past, and birth to future.

My dreams are sacraments mediating the Reality of the Sacred to my imagination.

I bless this sacrament.

I receive this sacrament.

I recognize and honor it as my communion with God.

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