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It is what it is and you are it

The possibility of flight was not achieved through the denial of gravity, but by the discovery of a principle through which the gravitational force could be superseded.

In a like manner, Faith is not the result of turning a blind eye towards the objective difficulties of the world, but it is the affirmation of a principle or power within ourselves thats enables us to transcend the suffering which often accompanies life’s challenges.

The legendary story of Jesus turning water into wine is not merely a call to worship, but an invitation to awaken to an alchemical universe in which the possibility for transformation is inherent within every particle, person, or place.

Popular culture routinely makes use of the phrase “it is what it is” in order to express the conviction of a thing’s finality. “It is what it is” implies that we cannot change it, therefore we ought to get around to accepting our present conditions as a brute fact.

There is a broader perspective, however, that recognizes a Formless Essence lying back of all things. Our recognition of this Essence, combined with an assurance of its Benevolence and Limitlessness, endows us with the capacity to conduct its energy into our lives thereby creating real miracles within and without.

Life is never a phenomenon that we are “stuck” with. It is a gift that reflects and respects the definition that each one assigns to it.

One does not need to deny that “it is what it is”, once he realizes that  “It” is simply a Something which takes the form of what he chooses it to be.

T.K. Coleman

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