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Mental Accounting

Currency = Current, Current = Flow of energy, therefore Currency = Flow of energy

Attention = Focused Thought, Focused Thought = Vibratory Activity of consciousness, Vibratory Activity of consciousness = Flow of energy, therefore Attention = Flow of energy

Currency = Attention. Attention = Currency.

Whatever you focus on, you are flowing energy at.

As you give your attention to something, you create a current resulting in an exchange of energy between you and the subject of your thoughts. That current, as long as it is held in place by the power of your focus, allows the energy of what you predominantly think about to manifest in your experience.

Attention is currency and currency is attention. Whether you spend your attention on the things you love or the things you hate, you always get what you pay for. That’s the bottom line. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, why not buy the best?

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  1. Has anyone told you how brilliant you are? Thank you for this simple expression of the logic, which eludes so many of us!

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