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Let’s put the devil out of business

When you speak words of lack and limitation, that’s the spiritual equivalent of giving the devil free advertising.

“Hey devil. Here, let me broadcast one of your commercials on my station free of charge. This one’s on the house. I’ll pay for it.¬†And I don’t mean a 2am infomercial. I mean a 30 second slot during the Super Bowl.”

Yes, that’s how valuable your words are. We’re talking premium air time. Your words are carriers of thought-force and The Universe responds powerfully to the vibration of every utterance you make.

Advertisers measure value in terms of impressions. The bigger the impression, the more valuable the ad campaign. Every time you speak, you make an impression on the fabric of the cosmos. Your daily conversation is essentially an ongoing ad campaign.

Don’t use your influence to promote bad products. Talk about something that has value and which uplifts others.

Let’s put the devil out of business once and for all.

T.K. Coleman

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