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Passion is the process

Success is not the result of knowing or applying the “right” process. It is the outcome of identifying what you want, understanding why you want it, and making a decision to focus your attention around it consistently and persistently.

It is your commitment to your passion that gives birth to the process which allows you to manifest that passion.

There are as many ways to write a song as there are people who wish to write them. There are as many ways to successfully raise children as there are parents who raise them. There are as many ways for becoming physically fit as there are people who wish to become physically fit. Processes are plentiful, but none of them possess the power to help you create what really matters to you.

The most successful creators were successful because they not only created an amazing result, but because they also created their own unique process for arriving at that result.

What worked for Beethoven & Bach wont work for you.

What worked for Baldwin & Hemingway wont work for you.

Ditto for Socrates & Aristotle. You can even throw in Kim, Khloe, & Kourtney or Shaq & Kobe. It doesn’t matter who you study, what they did, or how they got there.

At some point in your life, you have to face the sound of your own music and peck out the tune your own muse is telling you to play.

You don’t have to know how. Just put whatever energy you have into the what & the why and the process or path you need will inevitably introduce itself to you by name.

That’s the way I see it,

T.K. Coleman

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