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What’s so special about THIS guy?

Have you ever found yourself asking that question after seeing some “oh so ordinary” person in a movie, commercial, or in any scenario that you would be just as good in?

“What’s so special about this guy?”

I’ll answer that question for you. It’s quite simple. Here it is…


Contrary to conventional “wisdom”, people don’t experience and achieve amazing things because they are special, but because they decided to turn their dreams into decisions.

It’s not about the guy who came up with the idea. It’s about the guy who didn’t talk himself out of the idea he came up with.
It’s not about the girl who deserves the best. It’s about the girl who refuses to accept anything less than what she knows she deserves.

Genius always has been and always will be in the execution; it’s the people who think, speak, and act in the direction of  their desires BEFORE the evidence of success or the approval of society starts to kick in that reap the spoils.

Wanting to play the piano, for example, is a desire.

Signing up for a lesson is a decision. Practicing for 30 minutes a day is a decision. Spending your money on sheet music is a decision. Believing that your actions will pay off is a decision. Looking for evidence to support the idea that you CAN succeed at it is a decision.

Wanting to be in a movie is a desire.

Telling your family you want to be an actor, as they question your sanity, is a decision. Moving to New York to study theatre is a decision. Attending an audition is a decision. Feeding your mind motivational stories about other actors is a decision.

I’m sure you get the point.

Between every desire and it’s fulfillment, there are 100 LEGITIMATE  excuses for why you should NOT risk your time thinking, speaking, or acting in that direction. Decisions give you the power to transcend those excuses.

The state of mentally, emotionally, and volitionally choosing to experience a result, even when surrounding conditions fail to support you, creates a powerful vortex of energy that will cause the illusions of limitation in your life to come tumbling down like a house of cards.

The next time you see someone “living the good life”, whatever that means to you, don’t ask “what’s so special about them?”

Instead ask “what kind of choices did they make to put themselves in the position to receive such an amazing experience?”

Better yet, ask this question “what kind of choices can I make that will support the life I want to live and how can I thank this person for reminding me that anyone can succeed if they commit to what they desire?”

T.K. Coleman

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  1. Yes! So wonderful to read! We all can succeed in what we do if we are tuned in tapped in turned on to who we really are! Action taken from a place of feeling good will always be beneficial to you! And it isn’t about action! It is about being aligned! Alignment first, then anything else you have time for!

    All the really successful people have one thing in common! You can too! Alignment with what you do!

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