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Download this mental anti-spyware in “?” format


Create a mental file folder and name it “My Negative Beliefs.”

Install the following questions onto your mental hard drive in the “My Negative Beliefs” folder:

Q1: How can I be sure that this particular belief, judgment, interpretation, or perspective is valid?

Q2: Again, how can I be really really sure?

Q3: Is there a possibility, however remote or small, that I’m excluding relevant data from my calculations and conclusions?

Q4: Haven’t I been mistaken before? Is it conceivable that I’m mistaken this time?

Q5: Am I just blindly following my habits of thought or have I taken the time to put this belief on trial by sifting through the evidence?

Q6: Is there anyone out there who believes the opposite of what I am currently thinking?

Q7: What would happen to my point of view if I asked one or more of my intelligent friends to make the strongest case they could make against my perspective? Am I willing to actually do this?

Q8: What would happen to my point of view if I read at least one book written by one scholar who disagrees with the conclusion I’m drawing right now? Am I willing to actually do this?

Once these questions have been properly installed, double check and make sure they’re located in the “My Negative Beliefs” folder.

Whenever a negative belief attempts to take root on your hard drive, the aforementioned questions will surround it at once. Most negative beliefs will be completely undermined in the earliest stages of formation when this program is active.

To get the most out of this program, use it in conjunction with your emotional guidance system and avoid websites known for espousing disempowering philosophies.

Enjoy Optimism 2.0

T.K. Coleman

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  1. Again, Awesome post TK. Your blog should be required daily reading for every human being on the planet!
    I forward your posts to all my friends.

    KikiC ^..^~

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