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A fast and easy way to deal with annoying people

Annoying people seem to be everywhere….

When you’re not living the life YOU truly want to live.

If you find yourself being frequently annoyed by others, that MIGHT be a sign that you’re using manufactured drama to distract yourself from the unhappiness and boredom you feel in your own life.

Annoyance and Apathy are very close companions.

When we ignore the fires inside of our own hearts, our internal frustration usually expresses itself through externally directed feelings of irritation.

There is a direct correlation between being happy with who you are and being tolerant of those who are different from you.

The people who are excited about their existence, usually don’t have the mental bandwidth to obsess over things like…

50 year olds who still try to dress like 18 year olds, people who chew their gum too loudly, arrogant guys who boast about how all the girls love them, bad drivers who don’t know what they’re doing on the highways, kids who think it’s cool to walk around with their pants sagging, people who don’t dance, spoiled rich folks, individuals who lack a sense of humor or whatever else you can think of.

Would any of those people even be capable of BUYING your attention for two seconds if you had just won the lotto?

Probably not!


Because you’d be too busy celebrating something wonderful to even notice the elements that don’t support your feeling-place of eagerness and enthusiasm.

When you have…

a business you’re excited about building

a date you’re getting ready for

an audition you’re preparing for

a book you’re ready to start writing

a lover you’re grateful to spend time with

a project you’re preparing to launch

a dream you’re constantly visualizing

a creative idea you’re pumped about exploring

a social network you love hanging out with

a gift you’re eager to share

a puppy you’re having fun playing around with

a subject you’re excited about learning

a new outfit you’re yearning to wear

or just about anything else that makes you come alive,

you’re simply not in a state of mind that makes it easy to notice the annoying people.

Spend your time creating a life that feels good to live.

When you can start being fascinated with what’s right about YOUR story, you’ll find it much easier to stop being annoyed with what’s “wrong” about someone else’s.

At least that’s the way I see it.

What about you?


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  1. I think of myself as pretty optimistic and very appreciative, not into drama, but I do find certain things ‘annoying’ … and its consistent.
    So as I’m reflecting on your point today I am going to listen to myself and take the criticism I hear and replace it with appreciation … of anything I can see or feel about the person or situation.
    Nice heart warming project for today, tomorrow, weeks to come. (Can’t wait to drive to work without noting the careless, selfish idoits…wait….stop… switch…its wonderful that they are so focused as they weave their way and what a pretty color car!)

    1. I really appreciate your comment here. That was a NICE mental move you made in that last sentence. I LOVE it. It always feels so much better to pivot in a positive direction as we watch those annoying elements fade into the background through our positive focus. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.



      1. TK — So I practiced as often as I could yesterday. Let me tell you that I laughed most of the day. It wasn’t always easy to find something pleasant to replace the annoyance .. but I had such fun. One example – a big dude with a huge mustache drove by and I said something nasty out loud and then said … STOP IT … insert laughter … What a fabulous mustache!! MORE Laughter. I am at this time so conscious of my criticism of drivers. Wonder what terrific manifestations* are before me … Thanks again.
        *new car? LOL

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