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More Thoughts on Attraction and Recognition

In The Law of Attraction and The Principle of Recognition, I concluded with the following thought:

We have the power to successfully create new realities through our thoughts, but we have to be open-minded and know what to look for in order to recognize those blessings when they show up.

If I secretly created a bank account in your name and deposited a million dollars into it, that would make you a millionaire IN REALITY. But if you never knew about it, there would be a gap between your millionaire reality and your personal experience.

Some realities simply don’t become experiences until we recognize them.

In a previous job, I was required to take a licensing exam which required a passing score of 70%. My employer had me spend several hours a day taking practice tests at the firm’s office. A few days before the real exam, I took my final simulation test and scored 60%. My heart dropped when I saw that result and I was gripped in fear.

When my employer saw the score, he questioned its authenticity. I assured him it was an honest result and apologized for such a subpar performance. He then revealed to me that very few people had scored so highly before. The firm’s version of the test was actually TWICE AS DIFFICULT as the one I was studying to take. It was my employer’s way of making sure I was over prepared.

Initially, it seemed as if I had failed. In reality, I was inordinately successful.

Without my employer’s superior ability to interpret the data of my experience, I would have continued to suffer unnecesary angst and anxiety.

As with all forms of suffering, my temporary misery was the self-induced result of failing to recognize the good already inherent in the situation.

Is there some form of good which seems to be missing from your life?

Are you one of those people who spends time asking questions like:

“Why are things not working out for me?”

“Why are the events in my life not going my way?”

“Why am I not manifesting abundance in my experience?”

“Why has my soul-mate not shown up yet?”

“Am I visualizing, affirming, and praying in vain?”

“When is my dream ever going to come true?”

Here’s my two cents:

Stop looking for reasons to explain why you’re not getting a big break or a fair shake, and start looking for evidence, however small, of how the elements of harmony, abundance, and wholeness are already present in your life.

In reality, we are all citizens of a benevolent universe in which everyone is unconditionally loved and provided for.

It is our recognition of well-being that opens the door for us to enter into the experience of it.

As Theoretical Physicist, Fred Alan Wolf teaches “Believing is seeing” and not the other way around.

So if you want to see it, you gotta look for it.

That’s my two cents.

A penny for your thoughts?

T.K. Coleman

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