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Say “yes” to everything that moves you forward

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to advance along the path of progress simply because your next step isn’t tantamount to the full realization of your dream.

Manifestations will sometimes arrive at your doorstep in the form of completed packages ready to be opened and enjoyed. At other times, however, they will show up as building blocks or stepping-stones giving you the opportunity to bring your desires into fruition through a creative process.

Sometimes, the logic of  the Universe’s workings may not seem coherent until many steps into the process.

A focus on wealth, for instance, may attract an opportunity to converse with a poor person who offers you valuable insights about communication. Even though you receive no money or professional advancement out of the encounter, those insights may prove fruitful in your later efforts to monetize a future project.

Similarly, a focus on companionship may attract the chance to learn seemingly trivial facts about a fascinating new subject. Although those facts can’t be kissed and held, they may be the very conversation pieces you need in order to strike up an unusual conversation that catches the attention of your future lover at a social event.

The Book of Proverbs encourages us to “despise not the day of small beginnings.” John, the disciple of Jesus, cautions us to “judge not according to appearances.”

When a close friend of mine proposed to his wife, he attempted to circumvent the problem of being too obvious by waiting until a week after her birthday to pop the big question. On her birthday, he gave her a beautiful watch. Expecting an engagement ring, she immediately became upset, threw the ring in his face, and left the room crying.

Her heart was broken because the gift she had received fell short of her ideal. What she didn’t realize, however, was that the seemingly small gift was the opening act for a thrilling feature event that would bring her a lifetime of joy.

How many times do we feel tempted to throw in the towel, cry, or walk away from our hopes because we don’t receive the glamorous result or response we’re expecting?

We must learn to cherish life’s little gifts not only for the joy they bring in the moment, but also as signposts for the greater good that is yet to come.

Say “yes” to everything that moves you forward by appreciating every small blessing as a divinely ordained seed through which your highest ideals will unfold.

When you can look lovingly upon the little things and say “yes”, you open wide the door to experience God’s best in other areas of your life.

At least that’s the way I see it.

What about you?

T.K. Coleman

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