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Your feelings are your friends

All emotions are forms of energy and are therefore capable of being assimilated into the creative process.

Instead of attempting to “purify yourself” of anger, explore the possibility of channeling it along productive lines.

Frustration, when bottled up and suppressed, corrupts the soul. But when redirected away from what is unwanted towards what is wanted, it becomes a most powerful constructive force.

The same fire which can burn a house can also be harnessed to cook a meal.

Like the forces of nature, our emotional energy can flow in more than one direction and serve many ends.

The next time your emotional fires are stoked, look at it as an opportunity to harness the activity of Spirit.

In the same way you might use a burning candle to light a dead one, actively seek out ways to transfer the spark of those emotions towards an area in your life that needs to be ignited.

We are not left to choose between resenting our moods or being stuck with them. What we call negative feelings can function as our greatest allies in manifesting the life we desire when we learn to work with them and not against them.

That sums up the way I feel.

What about you?

T.K. Coleman

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