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You’re the right person for the job

You can discern, by the way you feel, what turns you on versus what doesn’t.

When you hear a song, you know on a visceral level if it’s enjoyable to you.

When you try a new food, you know how it tastes to you no matter how much anyone else may like it or hate it.

When you visualize your life being a certain way, you know in your heart if that image resonates with you or not.

When you’re hanging out with someone, you know without having to think about it if you’re having a good time.

Confusion about who we are, what we want, and what we should do, is always the result of questioning or suppressing what we already know because of a fear that we might get it wrong and mess up our lives by following our bliss.

So, instead of navigating our lives by the infallible inner compass we already possess, we look to other people and outside phenomena for permission to go after what we truly want.

Don’t wait for a sign. The joy you feel when you align with it, IS the sign. God was serious when He created your heart. It wasn’t a practical joke.

There’s no need to worry about getting it right.

God got it right when he created you. You’re the right person for the job of being you.

You have your specific personality and interests for a reason.

Being yourself ACTUALLY works.

When you trust what turns you on enough to act on it with faith, the energy of your bliss will always carve out an original and satisfying place for you in this world.


T.K. Coleman

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