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How to make yourself visible

The good that you seek is also seeking you, but you remain invisible to it until you are clothed with the consciousness of God as your Source and Supply.

Instead of focusing on a particular person as the means by which you’ll arrive at a desired destination, choose to see your dreams as being supported by an Infinite Intelligence which uses every experience to move you closer towards the manifestation of ever increasing portions of well-being.

Your destiny is made secure not by the stability of surrounding conditions, but by an inward steadiness of faith which draws the essence of everything you desire and require into your experience.

Even in the midst of seeming failure, your time has neither been wasted nor your efforts lost. For your hopes are insured by a Divine covering which promises peace of mind and prosperity of soul at the end of every path.

Let your confidence be renewed as you turn your attention away from thoughts of defeat and anchor your awareness in the affirmation that all is well.

There is a divine conspiracy orchestrated for your eternal success and fulfillment.

When your ability to manipulate conditions appears weak, be comforted by the remembrance of that All-Loving, All-Powerful, All-Perfect Presence which moves discretely behind the scenes bringing all seemingly disparate things together for your good.

Nothing with power is working against you. Everything with power is working for you.

Wear this understanding like a cherished garment and the very best which life has to offer will not only SEEK you, but it will also SEE you.

At least that’s the way I see it,

T.K. Coleman

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