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We are mapmakers of the inner world

Every experience contains within itself an infinite number of possibilities. We get to decide which possibilities we draw from the deck by tuning into the frequency of the energy pattern with which we wish to interact.

There are no objective entities as far as our personal experiences are concerned, for each of us individualizes the universe in accordance with our own unique patterns of thought.

This means that we are never the victim of “the way things are” because there is no “way things are” apart from the judgements we assign to the streams of data flowing through our consciousness at any given moment.

We do not need to be manipulators of matter or rulers of men in order to experience the feeling of being “at-cause” or in charge of our lives.

Power does not lie in the ability to control people and conditions, but in the spiritual wisdom which recognizes the deliberate focusing of one’s attention as the sovereign authority which governs individual freedom and happiness.

There is no need to feel threatened by anything nor desperate for the approval of anyone, because every outcome in YOUR life is determined by YOUR vibration.

We are not condemned to chart an unfriendly course where we must dodge and defeat resistant forces at every turn.

We are mapmakers of the inner world; beings who can redefine boundaries and alter their course simply by creating new spaces, clearing new paths, and establishing new connections in the realm of mind.

T.K. Coleman

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