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I can afford to do what I love

Following my bliss does not mean rendering myself unable to pay my bills.

I am capable of finding a healthy and harmonious balance between meeting my physical needs for shelter and survival and satisfying my spiritual longing for purpose and fulfillment.

My physical and spiritual demands are not mutually exclusive and I renounce any philosophy, practice, or precept which requires me to disregard any aspect of my beautiful multifaceted self.

The power and intelligence which has brought me forth has also placed within me all the tools sufficient to design a lifestyle of spiritual and material prosperity. I do not have the power to do everything, but I do have the ability to do everything I have been created to do.

I am not here on my own account, but as an instrument of expression for The Infinite. I, therefore, have the right and responsibility to request and receive that portion of the Universe’s resources which subsidizes my partnership with God.

I turn my faith towards the presence of an invisible and inexhaustible supply. I do not plea for my good as though I were a beggar, but I approach the throne of Divine grace as an offspring worthy of his inheritance.

Knowing that I am working with the most natural of laws, I send out my thoughts of abundance confident that they will return to me in friendly forms.

The same energy which compels me to pursue my passion now prospers me that I may propel my creative visions forward.

T.K. Coleman

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  1. This should be our morning and night-time prayer of thanks and affirmation. Once again – brilliant T.k.!

    Warmest good wishes,


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