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“Could Gandhi have been a stock car racer?” Part III

Don’t wait for a sign. The joy you feel when you align with it, IS the sign. God was serious when He created your heart. It wasn’t a practical joke.

I concluded my previous post with the following questions:

What if someone feels passionate about pursuing something that’s improbable for them to attain? Additionally, what if there seems to be a conflict between someone’s dream (ie. being a famous TV star in Hollywood) and the actual mission of their true self (ie. to be an anonymous missionary in a foreign country who helps eradicate poverty for thousands of people)?

Why your bliss wont lead you wrong

In “You’re the right person for the job”, I wrote:

When you trust what turns you on enough to act on it with faith, the energy of your bliss will always carve out an original and satisfying place for you in this world.

We never have to worry about “getting it wrong” or pursuing a goal that isn’t right for us. When we follow our bliss, whatever that may be at a given time, we place ourselves on an evolutionary path that ultimately transforms us into the person we were meant to become.

So, even if we initially chase after a dream that has nothing to do with the thing we’ll ultimately end up doing, the very act of following our highest excitement will become the means through which we discover what we truly want out of life.

Following your bliss ALWAYS moves you in the direction of your true self. The closer you get to your true self, the more you will want the things you are “supposed” to want.

The “wrong” path to the right place

I have a friend who studied business in college because that was his passion at the time. When he graduated, he was offered a job at a child care facility. He accepted the position, assuming it would be an interim job. He immediately fell in love with it and has been working in child care for 18 years. Today, he can’t imagine doing anything else. The ironic thing is that it was his business studies that placed him in a social circle which led him to the child care connection. If he had not pursued his “wrong” passion, he would have never discovered the “right” one.

Heres what I had to say in “Excitement is the engine”

To be in a state of excitement is to be in a state of alignment with the energy that creates worlds. There is no mode of being that is more powerful, productive, and prosperous than this. Excitement is not just an internal sensation. It is a web of energy that is interconnected with everything else in the Universe.When you hold yourself in a place of excitement, everything that was meant to be yours is drawn into the vortex of your alignment.

In order to fulfill our mission, we don’t need to have intellectual certainty about what that mission is. We only need to be aware of what our heart is guiding us to do in the present. Everything else we need to know is discovered through the process of following our bliss one step at a time.

If someone doesn’t want to be a missionary, for instance, then they shouldn’t pursue that role out of a sense of duty. They should pursue what genuinely excites them. If deep down inside, their true self “really” wants to be a missionary, then they are most likely to figure that out by going after whatever their dream is at the current time, EVEN IF that dream is to be a TV star, a supermodel, a stock car racer, or anything else that turns them on.

You don’t need to be protected from your passion

When seeking or giving advice, we tend to focus on protecting ourselves and others from “time-wasting” pursuits. So, we advise each other to do things that we believe will “work” because we don’t want to see anyone waste their time or end up with their hearts broken.

We treat the goal of life as if it were about getting from point A to point Z with the greatest possible efficiency. In reality, life is about each of us walking the path that wears our name and experiencing all the joyous and sometimes strange adventures that we were uniquely brought forth to explore.

These adventures are the precise elements that shape our character, prepare us for our divine destiny, and offer us our greatest moments of fulfillment.

May we all boldly pursue our passions, the possible ones and the impossible ones, with reckless abandon. For it is that pursuit which will yield the greatest of all miracles; alignment with the true self. When this miracle has been manifested, we will become, as Gandhi was, the changes we once wished to see.

And the world will never be the same.

Cheers 🙂

T.K. Coleman

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