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I experience the Universe as a cooperative and creative place

I am tough-minded optimist. Even when I am traversing Hell, I will affirm and experience only the pleasantries of Heaven.

Our freedom doesn’t depend on the absence of external influences, but on the presence of an ability to decide how we will be affected by all that surrounds us.

There will always be a multitude of agendas and seeming powers at work in our world. Being informed about their every move is not nearly as important to our well-being as is abiding in a calm and composed awareness of our power to integrate the activities of anyone and anything into our own freely chosen agendas.

We are not only creators capable of introducing new elements to our environment, but we are also conductors who carry the power to redirect streams of energy which have already been set in motion by others.

In the realm of the unmanifest and the manifest, we are always at-cause.

That which is not yet real can be actualized by the creative mind.

That which is already real can be harnessed for good by the conductive mind.

There is no need for us to purge the world of threatening factors and forces as a means of procuring “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

We can reclaim our right to be the center of influence for all that enters into the sphere of our personal experience.

Whether an event is deemed “good” or “bad” by the dictates of common opinion, is a matter which needs to be of no great concern to us. As the masters of our own fate, we can impose our will upon the universe and compel every experience to play the role of faithful servant.

I am a master of though-force. I permit only that which is profitable and life-giving to enter my mind. Working skillfully with the Laws of the Universe, I mold the spiritual substance out of which all things are made into lovely forms. Because I define my life as “good”, I am rewarded with the Divine Insight to process and perceive reality as if it were so. I now experience the Universe as a cooperative and creative place.

T.K. Coleman

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