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Creativity is who you are

Creating isn’t the same as art-making. Creating is the process of transcending or releasing the elements of resistance that block us from speaking, writing, making, or doing whatever would naturally express itself through us in the absence of artificial obstruction. Whenever we embrace and execute the ideas and impulses that resonate with us, we are creating.

The process of creating reveals to us the secrets of our own soul.

Many have failed to discover the wellsprings of life within themselves, however, because they were convinced nobody wanted to hear what they had to say.

Is creating worth the time when we don’t even have a following?

Even if the world doesn’t want what we have to offer, we still need to creatively express ourselves in order to evolve.

The prolonged suppression of the heart’s creative impulses inevitably results in dis-ease at one level or another. More cases of sickness and stress than what is typically supposed, is the result of denying safe passageways to the life-giving energies of the soul.

We are conditioned by consumer culture to cease creative efforts which have no apparent market value. Once a person is past the age of having a “realistic” chance of becoming a professional pianist, for instance, he may well be advised to channel his energy along more productive and profitable lines, leaving creative endeavors behind for those who have hopes of making a career of it.

There is a side to creativity, however, which has nothing to do with markets, products, and revenue projections.

Creation IS evolution

Creativity is spiritual practice.

Having been made in the image and likeness of God, we were all brought forth with the express purpose of being creators.ย The willingness to form ideas and move them towards manifestation is what makes us god-like.

To create is to evolve.ย On the other side of every creative journey stands the person we’re meant to become.

When we hesitate to take the risk of creativity, we risk missing the discovery of our own divinity.

Creativity is who you are. Let nothing keep you separate from experiencing the joy of that for yourself.

Do what you came here to do so you can see how beautiful you were meant to be.

Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

T.K. Coleman

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  1. I felt such connection to your statement “creation is Spiritual practice”. As I have begun explores ways I feel called to be creative each new adventure brings a feeling of Spiritual deepening and evolving with it. Each little step brings more peace in a hurried world.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Kate ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally relate to your feelings the relationship between creating and spiritual evolution. It’s an amazing journey, isn’t it?

      Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hi TK…. I have been away from your blog too long!

    I agree with your post. A few points that jump out…

    1. We need to let the flow happen. You mention how we let barriers supress the flow of what could come out of us…. so true. I believe we were created to be more like conduits and let life flow through us. An analogy that comes to mind is a number of years ago I had gone on a weekend cruise through the islands off the Pacific Coast of British Columbia and Washington State. We moored one night at a harbour that was known for its active tides. A result of the active tides was the most amazing and abundant sea life on the pilings of the marina. Like none I had ever seen in my entire life growing up on this coast. Most marinas built deliberately in the most calm water possible. But this place, for whatever reason, is subject to faster moving tides among the islands it is near. I have often wondered if this were not an example of how many aspects of life function. That lushness comes as a result of what flows through us, not what we contain inside of us. Containing, as you mention, can be the cause of ‘dis-ease’. Nothing grows. It instead gets stale, atrophies, or dies.

    2. You mention ‘Artificial Obstructions’. I have observed and experienced these too. In fact, my blog is titled with the intent of letting go of the artificial obstruction of events of the past. I had spent years trapped in the thoughts that my past had to hold me back. I mistakenly thought I was a captive of it. Until I learned that I could cut loose from the pains and mistakes of the past and burst forward. It works!

    3. Our consumer culture continues to send messages that we must turn to it for provision. Provision of goods, services, ideas, opinions, values. Why? Because they make money doing so. We pay them willingly. We listen to their messages and ask for more… pay for more. We have inadvertently asked them to be our parents, our guides, our providers…. of what to own and what to think. We have hitched our wagon to them.

    Yet we are at a time when there are far greater opportunities to seek out alternative and independent thinking. The web has brought much of this. Distribution of ideas is less finite, less controlled by an oligopoly of a few mega-corporations that dispense goods, values, and thoughts.

    We even have our blogs… which for me, is highly therapeutic in getting thoughts out…. processing them through which ironically helps embed them in my daily thinking. A funny irony isn’t it… flowing things through so they can be internalized?

    Great post TK…. look forward to more.



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