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We are not weak and the way is not difficult

The possibilities of man are not defined by that which lies within the boundaries of his own individuality.

Beyond the personal self is the transpersonal essence which created all things, sustains all things, knows all things, and controls all things. We are the physical expressions and psychological extensions of this essence.

Evidence of the difficulties which are supposedly inherent in life, is only admissible in that court of opinion which is unconscious of Universal Law and man’s potential for working in harmony with it to produce desired outcomes.

Just as science advises us that the laws of physics break down at the point of the universe’s origin, metaphysical teaching demonstrates that the laws of limitation, which so frequently govern the minds of men, are dissolved when we reason our way back to an Originating Cause.

The man who casually utters “the way is difficult” or other like sentiments, denies himself access to that Source of wisdom and power which is higher than the ego.

When man steps back from the perception of impossibility and centers himself in an awareness of the Divine Essence as the root of his identity, the impossibilities in his life must recoil and return to their “native nothingness.”

Personal transformation, creative mastery, and spiritual alchemy are all easier than what the mass consciousness would have us believe. But we must not look outward for our sense of the Real. As the New Testament author, John, advised those who feared a great opposing force, “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”

Neither you nor I should ever think of ourselves as “the little guy.” We are avatars and ambassadors of Supreme Power.

We are not weak and the way is not difficult.

T.K. Coleman

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