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It really is THAT easy

I have an easy time adapting to challenging situations because I refuse to be hard on myself when something doesn’t feel easy right away.

I have an easy time instituting changes in my life because I don’t make things unnecessarily hard by requiring myself to evolve any faster than at a pace which feels natural to me.

I have an easy time letting go of stress because I set aside a few minutes everyday to relax my body and ease my mind.

I have an easy time saying “this is easy” because I practice saying it every chance I get and it only gets easier and easier with each try.

I have an easy time believing it is easy because I tell myself “it’s easy” so much that the concept of ease no longer makes me feel uneasy.

I have an easy time keeping my mind pure from poisonous thoughts because I’m deliberately hard of hearing whenever disempowering news is being reported.

Being happy is easy. Feeling good is easy. Staying connected to joy is easy.

Some say it’s hard. I have an easy time dealing with those people because my easy-going beliefs don’t require me to convert skeptics against their will.

I have an easy time respecting other people’s hard beliefs because I find it easy to believe that each person knows what is best for him or herself.

Some say life is filled with pain, but I have an easy time remembering that ease is not the absence of discomfort, but the letting go of resistance.

I have an easy time recognizing the discrepancies and difficulties of life as invitations to evolve and opportunities to become a person of greater depth with an increased capacity for joy.

Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget how easy it is. Whenever that happens, I just shrug my shoulders, tell myself “this is easier than it looks”, and go back to enjoying life.

It really is THAT easy,

T.K. Coleman

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