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Easy Street

Easy Street is where I live.

I would say “it’s the best block in the world”, but we don’t have “blocks” in this neighborhood because the energy always flows freely.

This is precisely why it’s not easy to find a job on Easy Street. Everyone on Easy Street creates their own work by aligning with their passions and allowing the universe to organically manifest unique business opportunities centered around their bliss. If you asked someone on Easy Street for a job, they’d just politely tell you to mind your own business.

Although it’s hard to find a job on Easy Street, it’s relatively easy to create wealth. Everyone on Easy Street has a bliss bank account filled with “easy money.” The bliss bank is located on the intersection of Easy Street and Laughing Lane. The only way to get to this bank is by taking the Easy route and then Laughing all the way.

Keep in mind that our bank operates on an “ask and allow” policy. This means that you can have as much as you ask for as long as you allow them to give it to you. As a head’s up, the bliss bank does not offer ATM or drive through service. There is no way to get “easy money” if you’re outside of bliss. You have to literally enter bliss in order to make a withdrawal.

Although many people want to live here, property is not scarce. In fact, every single person on the planet already has an Easy Street dream home “in escrow.” How is that? Well, each time a new person moves onto Easy Street, the space literally expands to accommodate them and their dreams.┬áSo, there’s always more than enough room for everyone.

If you’re curious or interested in learning more about Easy Street, just take a ride down our smooth pre-paved road and see how it feels.

You don’t even have to worry about bad drivers, because there are no accidents on easy street and you can’t intersect with anything unless you’re a vibrational match to it.

I hope to see you there,

T.K. Coleman

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