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Easy is…

“Easy” is not the opposite of effort. “Easy” is the opposite of resistance.

“Easy” is not the elimination of discrepancy. “Easy” is the assimilation of discrepancy into the creative process.

“Easy” is not the absence of contrast. “Easy” is what you feel when you allow the contrast to facilitate your evolution and expansion as a spiritual being.

“Easy” doesn’t mean a straight predictable path. “Easy” means an intricately designed path that feels as if it were created uniquely for you and the purpose you were born to fulfill.

“Easy” doesn’t mean fast. “Easy” means embracing your own pace.

“Easy” doesn’t mean you’ll get there overnight. “Easy” means you don’t wait or hesitate to celebrate right here and now.

“Easy” doesn’t mean never feeling bad. “Easy” means never feeling bad about feeling bad. It means no longer adding to the bad feelings by beating yourself up for feeling bad.

That’s my concept of “Easy” living.

What’s yours?

T.K. Coleman

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