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Even when the point is missed, the opportunity isn’t

No moment is ever wasted in which one’s truth has been authentically expressed.

Even when the point of a declaration or act of creativity is missed by the intended audience, the opportunity to change the world through self-expression still lives because the truth moves along a trajectory that transcends time.

Everything and everyone is connected, for all are part and parcel of a universal field of consciousness. Once a truth is declared, it travels across this field until it reaches a heart that is receptive to it.

Your thoughts are unseen units of energy, that are projected or “thrown out” into the world whenever you pronounce your ideas and intentions.

The invisible thought-force you project has a life-span that continues beyond the moment in which you originally express yourself. Even after you have stopped speaking, the energy released by your words will continue to communicate and they will have an impact whether you see it physically or not.

So, say whatever your heart is compelling you to say and don’t worry about who’s getting it, who’s catching on, who’s missing the point, and whether or not your message is hitting home.

The truth that’s seeking to announce itself through you, already knows where to go. All you have to do is put it out there and let your life speak.


T.K. Coleman

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