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Don’t let the flaws fool you

Unless we’re getting paid by sponsors to find flaws in people’s personalities, presentations, products, and philosophies, we usually have very little to gain by spending great energy pointing them out.

In some cases, particularly when constructive feedback is requested or received, pointing out flaws can be helpful. This post is not about those moments. This is about those moments in which we allow our awareness of a flaw to distract us from focusing our attention in a productive or life-giving way.

When observing imperfection, we can either move on to something that meets our standards or we can make the most of what’s before us by gleaning from whatever positive aspects we can find.

Maybe that television personality IS a jerk in real life; Maybe that preacher IS a hypocrite who makes more money than he should; Maybe that book DOES have some serious errors; Maybe that DVD or Youtube video REALLY IS poorly produced and has horrible editing; Maybe that woman DOES talk funny; Maybe that man DOES dress like a weirdo, BUT….

be careful because those flaws can be deceiving.

Flaws can fool us into believing that we’re special or smart for being able to point them out.

Flaws can fool us into believing that the presence of error or imperfection makes a person no longer worth listening to or learning from.

Flaws can fool us into believing that our capacity to criticize or comment on another person’s work is a substitute for making and manifesting the things that are important to us.

Flaws can fool us into feeling very accomplished even though nothing got done.

Flaws can fool us, but they don’t have to.

Don’t let the flaws fool you.

Be foolproof and orient your focus around the things that are going to make you and the people around you better. Everything else is just fool’s good. It makes you look good, but it has no real cash value.

T.K. Coleman

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