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The best way to be awesome

“You’re never going to persuade everyone of anything. What you can do, though, is persuade the persuadable, persuade the people who are choosing to listen and are open to believing the story you want to tell.” – Seth Godin

A few facts that don’t really matter

If you dare to say anything (or do anything or pursue anything),

Someone is going to ignore what you have to say.

Someone is going to misunderstand what you have to say.

Someone is going to correctly understand what you have to say and still disagree.

Someone is going to be offended by what you say.

Someone will criticize what you say.

None of these facts should stop you.

Jesus, Socrates, and the myth of universal appeal

One the great myths of social networking and marketing is the myth of universal appeal; the idea that there is a message, approach, or style that everyone is going to appreciate and accept.

Jesus taught a message of unconditional love. He went around healing people, forgiving them for their failures, solving their problems, and illuminating their minds. Furthermore, his teachings were pretty simple and were almost always accompanied by an inspiring story or heart-touching parable. That’s about as universally appealing as you can get.  Nevertheless, his message of freedom was perceived as a threat to some of the religious and political factions of his day. Hence, he was killed.

Socrates sought nothing more than to increase his understanding of beauty. He rarely, if ever, championed any doctrines. He never required anyone to believe in anything other than what seemed right to them. He only questioned the status quo. Pretty harmless, right? That’s exactly what got him killed. His pursuit of truth didn’t fit in very well with the “believe what we tell you to believe” paradigm of the power structures in Ancient Greece.

As the saying goes, “haters gon’ hate.”

Buy your own ticket

What you and I need to constantly remind ourselves, is that we don’t need to interest or impact everyone (or even a lot) to be interesting and impactful.

We’re interesting when we’re true to our interest whether someone else cares or not.

We’re impactful when we realize that our convictions, when faithfully and joyously expressed, will always alter the fabric of the cosmos in a way that contributes to the overall evolution of humanity.

Don’t hold back what you have to offer just because of the fear that it might not be a New York Times bestseller, an Emmy award winner, or a million dollar maker. Don’t hesitate to express your gifts because of the people who may not understand or enjoy  them.

Everybody’s not going to buy a ticket to your creative act, but who cares? Buy your own ticket.

Not being interesting to someone else is no good reason for being boring to yourself. Not having an impact on everyone shouldn’t stop you from changing your own world.

If it’s YOUR life, why not be, do, seek, and say what excites YOU?

Be interesting to yourself and have an impact on your own world.

That’s the best way to be awesome.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Tk. Ever considered changing your blog design theme? I believe there might be some more accessible themes to choose from. Just a thought from the designer in me!

    1. Good question, Kwamla. I haven’t, but I’m completely open. Design is not my strength and I don’t claim to know what I’m doing in that category at all. I’d love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you have for me, bro. Thanks for that constructive feedback.

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