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Your own personal money tree

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

We can interpret that statement literally or non-literally.

If it’s a literal truth, then it’s a moot point at best. Anyone can look at a tree and discern for themselves that money doesn’t grow on them. We have apple trees, lemon trees, peach trees, etc., but none with coins or dollar bills coming out of them. The literal truth of “money doesn’t grow on trees” is so obvious, that we can safely assume a deeper non-literal meaning that the statement intends to convey.

My best guess at that non-literal meaning is as follows:

Mother Nature may provide us with fruit, nuts, and leaves through organic means, but money is scarce and difficult to come by. Unlike the things which grow on trees, the creation of wealth is an inorganic process. Money doesn’t come to us in a natural way. In order to procure economic resources, we must go against the grain of nature and compel its presence in our lives.

To each his own, but I subscribe to a different view of the Universe.

I see the universe as an open system that is sustained by a transcendent energy source. I see the universe as a place that is saturated with an invisible substance that is responsive to our thoughts and capable of being molded after the pattern of our intentions. I see the universe as an abundant environment yielding an endless supply of fruitful manifestations in accordance with the seeds of thought we sow in our fields of consciousness.

Money may not literally grow on trees, but nevertheless, we can manifest everything we need to be the people we’ve been created to be.

We all have an inner calling. That calling is our own personal money tree. When we dare to shake things up by acting in faith, we release an outpouring of the very resources we require.

Am I saying it’s easy to attract abundance?

Well, that’s up to you. Is it easy to get a lemon or an apple from a tree? Whether you label it easy or difficult, the process is the same; Sow the appropriate seed, provide the right environmental conditions for its growth, faithfully cultivate the soil in which you planted it, and let nature take its course.

Once we begin to work in harmony with the spiritual and mental laws governing our Universe, experiencing abundance becomes a process as natural as the growing of fruit, nuts, and leaves.

At least that’s the way I see it.


T.K. Coleman

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