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I bless my past and my past blesses me

Although we cannot change the past, our reconciliation with it changes the way we feel in the present.

I embrace my personal history.

I express appreciation for every event that has transpired in my life.

I extend a hand of peace to my memories of pain for they have made me wise regarding the secrets of my own soul. Through their instruction, I have come to discover an inner essence which is immune to all suffering.

I do not blame others for the path which has led to this moment, for my evolution as a spiritual being is not a tragedy for which anyone needs to be incriminated.

My story is a gift from the Universe and I refuse to narrate it as if it were otherwise.

I do not wish for a life that was different from the one which I have actually lived.

I am the me I was meant to be.

I recognize the unfolding of a divine pattern in my past. My awareness of this pattern provides me with a sense of wholeness which stands outside of time.

Past, Present, and Future exists within the Eternality of God. Therefore, my timeline is sacred and I choose to honor all of its moments as holy.

All resentment is gone and now I am free.

IΒ bless my past and my past blesses me.

It is so and so it is,

T.K. Coleman

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