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“I’ve already tried that.”

“I’ve already tried that.”

“I’ve already tried dieting, I’ve already tried starting my own business, I’ve already tried asking for help. Whatever it is, I’ve already tried it.”

Has that ever been your response to a new (or old) idea?

Here’s something worth keeping in mind:

Success doesn’t come to those who’ve already tried things.

It comes to those who maintain a beginner’s mind; to those who remain open to learning new concepts, exploring different strategies, and reworking the things that don’t work until they discover the elements which do work.

There’s always more to life than what we’ve already tried.

The sooner we stop bemoaning what we’ve already tried and start trying what we have not yet mastered, the faster we can accelerate along the path of progress.

At least that’s the way I see it,

What about you?

T.K. Coleman

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