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Money isn’t everything, BUT…..

neither is good health.

If you’re constantly agitated and afraid because you feel the world is uniquely conspiring against you, then life is not going to feel very satisfying. You need more than good health to have a good life.

Let’s not pick on “money”

The good life isn’t one-dimensional.

There are many desirable states which, when considered in isolation, fail to constitute a balanced and fulfilling life.

Attracting the ideal lover isn’t everything. You can have the most amazing life partner in the world, but if you lack the ability to appreciate what you have and you’re unwilling to invest energy into cultivating a successful relationship, then having the ideal lover might feel more like a burden than a blessing.

Working hard isn’t everything. If you work hard at the wrong things, then it might actually be worse than not working at all. Some criminals work very hard at what they do. Some people work very hard at procrastinating and talking themselves out of opportunities. There are hard workers who fail because they don’t know how to market themselves.

Good communication isn’t everything. You can be the most respectful, concise, and articulate communicator in the world, but if you’re not conveying a message that anybody wants to hear, then you’ll just be talking to a wall.

Good hygiene isn’t everything. You can shower three times a day and be the best groomed person in your social circle. But if you’re obnoxious, people will still think you stink.

So, should we toss those qualities out?

Be balanced, but stay focused

We’re never required to belittle the value of something simply because, by itself, it doesn’t amount to everything.

Yes, the good life is multidimensional. There’s always more to consider than the particular passion with which we may be obsessed. However, in our efforts to live a balanced life, we mustn’t disregard the specific desires that resonate most strongly with us at a given time.

Money isn’t everything, but the same is true of health and hygiene. The question is: is it important to you?

Because if something is uniquely important to you, whether it’s money or not, you should go after it.

What you pursue may not be everything, but it might be the missing puzzle piece you need in your own quest to assemble the kind of life you wish to have.

That’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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