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Don’t buy the plastic trinket

“Excuse me if I do not join you in your criticism of this, that, and the other. I would rather look for something to praise.” -Esther Hicks

Time is free, but the activities we spend it on are not.

Every second spent in a place of negative focus comes at the cost of a potential investment opportunity in our well-being.

When others ask us to join them in their rants about what’s wrong with the world, they are soliciting us to make a transaction which requires the expenditure of our most valuable commodity; time.

Are we as prudent and discrete with the use of our time as we are with our money?

Time + energy + attention = life force. That’s what’s at stake.

Are we selfish enough to ask ‘what’s in it for me?’ when our life force is requested of us? Are we fascinated enough with our goals to see anything which distracts from our positive focus as the time-wasting dream stealer that it actually is?

Do we ask: Does this conversation really serve me? What value am I deriving from it? Is this activity related to any of my goals? Can any of the participants refund my time if it turns out to be a total waste? How is this moment making me better?

The next time someone invites you to join their life-bashing session, simply say “I would love to, but I honestly don’t have the time. I’ve alloted my entire schedule to creating and enjoying that which pleases me.”

That’s my two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Hi TK…. agreed.

    You state so many things with profound conciseness. For instance: “Every second spent in a place of negative focus comes at the cost of a potential investment opportunity in our well-being”.

    While I agree entirely, I still, out of habit, practice some of the negative.

    I feel it is ok to explore the roots of our negativity in order to help expose them and loosen their grip. But as you say, to willingly participate in rants and bashes, does come at the cost of our positive creativeness.

    Thanks for this post, my friend!

    It challenged me and woke me up.


    1. Thanks my brother. I appreciate those words as well as the balancing insights you brilliantly express. There is great benefit to exploring contrast. Many of our greatest dreams and insights are born out of such explorations. So, I agree with you 100%. How have things been going, bro?

      1. Great TK… just enjoying some downtime in the tropics for couple of weeks. Then back to full-on. Thanks for the positive thoughts and writing. Always an inspiration!

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