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This IS your day!

Have you ever had one of those days when so many things seemed to go wrong that you felt compelled to believe there must have been something in the air?

Here’s what you can do on those days:

Tell the air and whatever is in it to get in line and follow your lead. Thank the elements for challenging you and providing you with the wake up call you needed, then affirm your right and ability to be the predominant creative force in your own life.

Sometimes we may feel that a particular day is just not our day.

But if today is not your day, then whose day is it?

No one can think your thoughts for you. No one can speak your words for you. No one can decide for you how you’re going to react and respond to the circumstances in your life.

You can turn it around or you can believe there’s nothing you can do about it. You can interpret the contrast in an encouraging way or a discouraging way. Either way, it’s your day because you have the final say.

Sometimes our expectations are contradicted. So be it. The weather is what it is today. Traffic is what it is today. People are who they are today. The body feels what it feels today. The funds are what they are today. It is what it is and it isn’t what it isn’t, but none of that has anything to do with whose day it is.

The day belongs to the one who refuses to use his own mind against himself. The day belongs to the one who cooperates with himself even when others do not seem to go along with him. The day belongs to the one who keeps looking forward even when things seem to be moving backward.

“Today is not my day!”

Don’t make that concession.

Today has always been your day, unless you gave it away. So if it’s not your day, then take it back.

There’s plenty of time left and you have all the power you need.

T.K. Coleman

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