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When someday arrives

The assumption we make when we put things off until the ever elusive “someday” is that the opportunities which exists today will still be around tomorrow and that our capacity and motivation to act on them will remain the same.

Will we still be around when “someday” arrives? Will our friends still be around? In what ways will life look differently? What forthcoming changes are we unable to anticipate?

What if today is the only chance we get to embrace and express the passions we feel right now?

When my brother, Gerald, was in college, we spoke nearly everyday. We’d talk for hours about the latest music, movies, current events, etc. Now, he’s married, has five children, he’s a full-time youth pastor, I’m also married, and my wife and I live more than 2,000 miles away from him and his family. Today, I’m very fortunate if I have 5 minutes of uninterrupted time with him on the phone. I’m not bitter about that fact. I cherish whatever I can get. More importantly, I’m glad I followed my bliss in the past and squeezed the most out of those moments.

Life changes and the things we’ll find ourselves doing tomorrow may be very dissimilar from the things we’re doing today.

Tomorrow has dreams, challenges, and routines of its own and we may know nothing of them until the time arrives.

What if today is our last opportunity to enjoy what is around us before we move on to the next adventure, the next goal, the next challenge, or even the next life?

Your thoughts?

T.K. Coleman

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  1. Live in the Now.
    Appreciate this moment for all that it offers. Take what it offers… or don’t. It’s up to the individual.
    I am experiencing my Now, this day, this task, as I am ready and willing to do and then the next adventure will come and I will be excited and take it on .. or I will chose to move along to the next one …
    The Now offers choice and maybe some timing — along with some focus of desire.
    It could be finding myself in the right place at the right time…When the energy is connected or not.
    Someday… I plan to do some of the things that I have on my list. (My “to do” list or my “wish” list? hmm?)
    I think perhaps I’m waiting for that adventure/task/dream to magically turn into a focused desire. The real issue (and most importantly for me) is to start to allow my dreams …. ALLOWING myself to try it, do it, live it.
    Someday!! Maybe right Now?
    Just rambling …

    1. These are some pretty good thoughts….far from mere ramblings, for sure 🙂

      This is my favorite part…

      “The real issue (and most importantly for me) is to start to allow my dreams …. ALLOWING myself to try it, do it, live it.”

      Thanks for sharing them with me.



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