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None of us are small

We watch the TV screen like gods and judge and say “Ha! You’re so small.” We feel so good ridiculing these people and seeing the cameras follow them around 24 hours a day. It’s fun seeing how small a human being can become under pressure. It feels so good because deep down inside We feel small and it hurts less when the people on TV are small too…And as oppressed as we are, “Well, THAT guy is a disaster.” It makes us feel better, but it’s all a facade because none of us are small.”-Brian Baruch

Can you please make a mistake so I can feel better about myself?

A strong sense of self-esteem can never be erected on a foundation of criticism, gossip, and hatred.

When we base our feelings of personal significance on the ability to point out deficiencies in others, we sacrifice our true dignity in exchange for a second-rate status that will only be as good as another person’s bad.

We sell ourselves short when we allow people’s perceived “idiocy” or alleged “ugliness” to occupy space in our consciousness, while our own brilliance remains neglected.

We’re bigger, brighter, and better than that.

We don’t need others to fall in order to know that none of us are small.

The real star is not inside of the television screen

Criticism, gossip, and hatred are not diseases we need to be cured from. They are simply symptoms of our failure  to be sufficiently fascinated with our own lives.

We must learn to be amazed at what we are.

There is a divine radiance emanating from each of our souls and it is far more worthy of our attention than another individual’s bad hair day, failed relationship, or scandalous behavior.

There isn’t a person on this planet who needs to stop being good in order for you and I to start being great. We’re already there, my friends.

We are all truly magnificent.

How can we more fully embrace this magnificence? How can we more freely express this magnificence?

That’s the idea worth contemplating. That’s the conversation worth having.

Everything else is just a little too small for us.

T.K. Coleman

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