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You can’t spell “opportunity” without a “u”

Opportunities can be easily negated by our inability to see them or our unwillingness to act on them. If you’ve been given an opportunity, you deserve the credit for recognizing it as such and then taking advantage of it.

Other people may open doors for you simply because they like you. Surely you don’t deserve any credit for that, right? Wrong. No matter how much someone adores you, it is possible to turn them off by behaving in ways that would destroy your connection with them. If you didn’t ruin the relationship with bad decisions, then you get some of the credit for mantaining a status of “good standing” with the people who want to help you.

Other people may have taught you everything you know. Well, you get the credit for listening to them and choosing to learn. After all, you could have decided to ignore them. Every single teacher you’ve ever had has been ignored or dismissed by someone, but you were one of the students who decided to keep an open mind. That credit belongs to you.

You can’t spell “opportunity” without a “u” because you play a role in every experience that you have

Giving yourself credit is not the antithesis of being grateful. It’s good to express appreciation for those who’ve helped us along the way, but it’s also important that we never underestimate the creative power of the value we bring to each moment.

We’re usually very good at blaming ourselves when matters do go wrong, but we’re often slow to accept credit when they don’t go wrong. This is logically inconsistent because credit and blame are two sides of the same coin. You can’t deny yourself credit for something that went well if you would have accepted blame for a bad outcome.

Either you’re responsible for the results in your life or you’re not. If you’re one of the people who considers himself responsible for the things that happen in your life, then don’t make exceptions when it’s time to take ownership of the good things.

You wouldn’t be where you are today without the help of others, but the help of others wouldn’t matter one bit if it were not for you.

That’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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