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Positive messages don’t work unless you make them work

Every success story, every piece of advice, every inspirational quote, and every positive message will contain at least one element that doesn’t apply to your life.

You can take the “yes, but their situation was different from mine” approach and focus on the parts that don’t apply to you


You can adopt the “I’m so hungry for happiness and success that I’ll hang on to whatever evidence I can get for well-being” approach and reach for the parts that do apply to you.

An empowered life requires empowering beliefs and you don’t get empowering beliefs by always adopting the obvious viewpoint. Empowering beliefs are the rewards you receive for being willing to fight for new ideas as if your life depended on them.

Positive messages don’t work unless you make them work by digging deep enough to unearth any tiny piece that can be used to help you get where you want to be.

You can’t afford to sit back and wait for encouraging news to present itself to you in an undeniable fashion.

Be proactive and make the effort necessary to find evidence for ideas that advocate your possibilities.

Look for that one guy, that one girl, that one song, that one news article, that one story, that one small element that applies to you, that one whatever it is that gives you a reason to believe you have a chance at life.

T.K. Coleman

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  1. TK – I loved waking up to your thought for the day! You are so inspiring and provocative in a positive, upliftng way. It is such a nice way to start my day.

    Thank you so much for last night! I really enjoyed our talk and getting to know you! You are a very special person, and I just know you are destined for success! I’m so glad we are friends!



    1. Hi Nancy,

      Thank you so much for those complimentary words. And I was glad to help with the computer/blogging stuff. Hopefully we can have your blog up and running very soon. The blog world needs to hear your voice.



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