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Believe, but be alive

No one else needs to be wrong in order for you to be right about what’s best for you. Nor do you need to regard yourself as wrong in order to respect what’s right for another.

Either an idea is useful to you or it is not. If it is useful, you will get far more use out of it by actually using it than by debating and despising those who think it’s useless.

Your beliefs are for you. It’s okay to share them, but it’s more important to live them. If a belief isn’t worth living, it’s definitely not worth sharing.

If sharing your beliefs gets in the way of experiencing the very joy and freedom that makes them worth believing, then it might be time to get less philosophical and more pragmatic.

Make sure your beliefs, and the conversations you have about them, are moving you forward.

Keep on believing, but don’t stop being alive.

That’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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