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Don’t be too impressed

Don’t be too impressed by your heroes.

Your heroes are heroes because they consistently choose to do the same things you can decide to do at anytime.

Their highly advanced level of skill is the logical outworking of their committment to a process of refinement in a particular discipline.

Through the same or similar kinds of processes, you can groom yourself into a state of competence which may now seem too impressive to be attainable.

Never sell yourself short with the thought that people are where they are because of superior talent. Talent is an overestimated commodity and it isn’t sufficient to succeed in any field. The presence of talent, however big or small, must be supplemented with focus, persistence, creativity, and emotional intelligence.

We all have different levels of talent, but the successful are those who dedicate themselves to optimizing their potential and making the most of whatever they have.

Give respect where respect is due, but don’t be too impressed by what anyone else can do. Spend some of that time unfolding your own greatness, because we’re all waiting to be impressed by you.

Cheers 🙂

T.K. Coleman

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