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Copycats, competition, and self-authenticity

Are you doing what you do in order to be the only one who does it or are you doing what you do because you enjoy it no matter how many other people are doing it?

If you’re doing what you do for the right reasons, then the presence of competition won’t intimidate you. Copycats may mimic you and rivals may seek to outperform you, but that can’t take away the joy you feel from following your bliss. That joy is where your real capacity for greatness lies.

What makes you great isn’t the absence of competition, but the infusion of passion and personality into everything you do.

It’s not a bad thing to be aware of the markets, but it’s more important to be in tune with what drives you. Remarkable innovators don’t become remarkable by reacting to competition, but by immersing themselves into their own ideas of what’s cool.

The best way to differentiate yourself from the crowd is to stop caring so much about not looking or sounding like anyone else and to start focusing on honestly expressing and embodying what you believe in and feel passionate about.

You’ll never be the only person in any field and you don’t need to be. There’s already only one you. The more “you” you can put into your work, the less your legacy will be threatened and the more your uniqueness will shine.


T.K. Coleman

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