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When to make changes

My grade school basketball coach used to say: “Don’t react. Act.”

Our team’s abilities were most suitable for a slow paced style of play. We were difficult to defeat when we took our time. But whenever we got frustrated by an opposing team’s unpredictable offense, we would instinctively accelerate our playing style in an effort to regain control.

This never worked. We only regained control when we returned to our true identity as a team.

Today’s two cents:

If you want to win in life, you have to be true to your style and play your own game.

Disregarding what resonates with you because of frustration over what others are doing is tantamount to creative suicide.

Surprises will occur, people will catch you off guard, and plans may not work the first few times around. It’s okay to make adaptations when things like this happen, but be sure to stay close to your true identity in the process.

Never change your game just because you’re frustrated. Only make changes when they naturally express your desire to evolve for the sake of it’s own value.

You won’t win every game, but when you do, it will only be because you stayed true to “you.”


T.K. Coleman

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  1. slow pace remain true to your game even when it look like u are loosing u are yet winning because ur game give u a competive edge

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