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Is your message too obvious?

That’s not your call to make.

Things that are obvious to you are not always obvious to others and things that are obvious to others are not always obvious to you.

The only thing you or I can know for certain is that what we’re saying is worth saying for our own heart’s sake.

I’ve seen so many people suppress their message, artwork, or creative idea simply because an internal voice yelled “Too obvious! Everybody already knows that! The world doesn’t need another voice chiming in on this issue!”

Well, I’m here to counter that voice and tell you the world DOES need another voice chiming in and that voice is YOURS.

The voice of the messenger is as much a part of the message as the content itself. Your message is not only composed of universal symbols and sounds, but also of experiences and feelings that are unique to you.

People aren’t just looking for content. They’re searching for a connection. Words don’t provide that connection; the people behind the words do.

One million people may have already given expression to the convictions and concepts you feel passionate about.

Nevertheless, someone is going to perk up, listen, and allow themselves to be impacted when you chime in JUST BECAUSE IT’S COMING FROM YOU.

Someone needs to hear or see YOUR story.

Don’t deprive our collective evolution of your individual contribution by deciding what’s too obvious for someone else.

T.K. Coleman

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    1. Thank YOU, Sheri 🙂 I’m glad it resonated with you. It came at the right time for me too since I wrote it while that same voice was telling me how obvious I sounded 🙂

      Cheers 🙂

  1. Hi TK…. couple of reflections…

    I was chatting with some other bloggers recently about the notion of how alcoholics seem to be reachable by other alcoholics in ways that nobody else can. Narcotics Anonymous in fact has as part of one of their readings at every meeting, “The therapeutic value of on addict helping another is without parallel”.

    This speaks very strongly to your point about the fact that others are not just looking for words or sounds. We are looking for a connection. We are looking to relate and be related to. Experiences, whether we know it or not, add tremendous impact to how we give and receive communications.

    I had dozens of well-meaning, capable, caring people try to help me with my alcoholism. People who were spot on target with advice of some of the things that would help me. But I some how did not, or could not hear them. Then, when I began hearing other alcoholics give the same, or in some cases, weaker advice, I heard them, applied their advice, and got sober. Why? The messages were similar. The caring was similar. But the alcoholic spoke from experience whereas the doctor, minister, friend, family member didn’t.

    Somehow, I think my subconscious and spirit whispered to me that we needed to take the alcoholic’s advice. They green-lighted it whereas they seemed to resist the same advice from others.

    I can’t explain why, but it just seems to work that way. So further proof that we should not pre-judge the power of what we may have to say to someone. I got some of my most helpful advice from alcoholics who were, other than being sober, were disasters in their lives. Thats how powerful their communication was via our connection based on common experiences.

    The second thing that comes to mind from your post is that our unhealthy internal dialogue is the voice that tells us to withhold our message or story from others. This comes from old, ineffective thinking.

    If Albert Einstein was right in stating that “we can’t solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used to create them”, then we would be doing ourselves a favour by continually learning new and better thinking.

    Better thinking results in a more positive internal dialogue that we can learn to trust better than the old one that clung to the negatives.

    A new internal dialogue based on positive thoughts won’t tell us the lies our old thinking did.

    Thanks for the post!



    1. Wow Chaz!! Once again, you have taken things up a few notches for me. What you say is very well expressed and completely on point. Would you give me permission to repost your comments on an actual blog post? I think it would be great for people to hear.

      Thanks bro,


  2. Again, Spot On. You always deliver a heavy duty, clear reminder from the Universe …

    Just yesterday ‘asking myself’ why would I write something that hundreds have already written about .. and then just this morning (only moments before reading) I asked myself …what’s the fear of moving forward with your idea? What if I can reach people just by being authentically me?

    Bham … Change that inner voice and start sharing, Girl!!

    Thanks so much TK.

    1. You definitely win the prize with that attitude, my friend. You truly can reach people JUST by being authentically you. Speaking of…, don’t hesitate to notify me of anything you write. I’d love to support.

      Cheers 🙂


      1. Now if that isn’t encouragement, I don’t know what is. Thank you!

        Right now I’m fighting the fear of not being good enough or interesting enough … but I’m going to dive in!

        A question … how do you do your writing? Is there a set time? Is there a set desk or chair? Paper/Pen or computer? Just curious… I will try to find a less public place to give you my email, if you don’t mind.

        Thanks again!

        1. Oh wow! Great timing, huh? I’m glad to hear that you’re going to dive in. May I suggest a book? “The war of art” by Steven Pressfield really changed my life and helped me to confront my fears about writing.

          Right now, I don’t have a set time for writing. I hear lots of writers recommending that practice. My lifestyle is quite busy, so I seize whatever opportunity I have to write. Many of these posts are written while being highly distracted, having someone talk to me at the same time, and rushing to get it done. Those are less than ideal conditions, but I made the choice to write, so I don’t allow the messiness of life to stop me. I hope this info helps.

          Cheers 🙂


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