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The real competition

Your competition is not the person who wants the same things as you nor is it the entity that seems to be moving onto your territory.

The only competition you have to beat is a concept called “scarcity consciousness”; the belief that there’s a limited amount of resources and that, in order to procure what you desire, you must either prevent someone else from getting what they want or make it to the finish line first before they get all the goods for themselves.

The moment you define someone in your life as a “competitor” and begin revolving your efforts around outperforming them, you give away the very power that makes you an unstoppable force.

True creativity is proactive not reactive. It’s effectiveness depends on the alignment of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions; not on the activities of others.

Other people’s business is none of your business; and if you make too much of their business your business, your mind will become too busy to access the innovative and impactful ideas that you’ll need to build your own business.

So, stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start honoring the autonomy of your creative spirit.

What YOU want to create is all about how YOU choose to think and what YOU decide to do.

That’s today’s dose of tough-minded optimism,

T.K Coleman

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  1. Synchronicity in action! I was just talking about this very topic the other day. To have you write about it and confirm my feelings and thoughts is very validating. Thank you, T.K. 🙂

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