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How to see what you want to see Pt. 2

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I recently walked into a Barnes & Noble looking for a copy of a particular book.

After searching the store in vain for about 15 minutes, I went to the help desk and had an employee look it up.

They told me that it wasn’t available in store, but that they could order it for me and call me when it arrived.

I accepted the offer and they took down my contact information.

One week later, they called and notified me of the arrival of my book.

Question: What would have happened if I told the store clerk “Never mind. It must not be meant to be” or “Oh, just forget about it. I don’t feel like going through the effort and getting my hopes up again.”?

Answer: Assuming the employee would have done his job properly, he would have respected my intentions and left the issue alone. After all, why would he waste my time ordering the book and calling me when I said “No”?

That’s the same kind of relationship you have with your mind. If you stay open to the possibilities that you’re looking for, your mind will go to work on your behalf and alert you every time it processes information relevant to what you seek.

But when you say “no” to your possibilities, your mind says “case closed. I wont waste your time. I wont look any further for information pertaining to that specific desire. I wont harass you with a bunch of notifications that contradict your decision.”

When you say “no” to your mind, you’re asking it to make you blind. When you refuse the possible, it becomes invisible.

If you haven’t found the good life that you’re looking for, stay open. Don’t allow yourself to be disheartened by delays and inconveniences.

Keep saying “yes” to your possibilities and your mind will find a way to help you see the evidence for their potential realization.

That’s my two cents

T.K. Coleman

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