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What do creative people smell like?

One of the many ways we psyche ourselves out of discovering our creative potential, is by formulating stereotypical concepts of what we’d like to be and disqualifying ourselves for not matching up to the stereotype:

Writers are people who hang out in coffee shops, entrepreneurs have Type A personalities, artists are eccentric, leaders are cold and calloused, passionate people focus on their passion all the time, etc.

Every practice has its stereotypes.

Every great achiever disregards them.

People’s concept of “dancers” was very different before Fred Astaire and Sammy Davis Jr. came along. Later performers, like Michael Jackson and Madonna pushed the boundaries even further.

These artists didn’t conform to anyone’s idea of how a dancer moved. They reinvented it.

All definitions, rules, and generalizations are capable of being recontextualized.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue anything. If your style doesn’t fit in with the preexisting model, then affirm your ability to evolve the model.

Try whatever you want to try and call yourself whatever you want to call yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you smell like, how you dress, or what the “creative community” thinks of you.

You’re the only one who defines your boundaries. So, define them as widely as you need to.

That’s T.K.’s two cents.

Cheers 🙂

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    1. Tara,

      You really struck a chord with the Michael Jordan reference. Being a Chicago boy, he was actually the first person I thought of as well. I figured I’d switch it up since I talk about Jordan ALL THE TIME! Thanks for commenting and for having my back with all this writing.



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