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Is it for you?

That’s the question you always have to ask; about business, about love, about spirituality, about anything that matters to you in life: “IS IT FOR YOU?

“What about the guy who’s never heard about this opportunity?”

That’s God’s business. What about YOU? You HAVE heard. What are YOU going to do with the information that YOU’VE been exposed to?

What about that one girl in the one newspaper article who tried and failed?

That’s HER story and we don’t even know all the details anyway. But what about YOU? You have YOUR OWN STORY to look after. Are you going to spend your time being the detective for someone one else’s failures or being the architect of your own success?

There will ALWAYS be a new story (if you’re looking for one) about somebody somewhere who had a bad experience doing something,¬†but you can’t build your life around someone else’s story.

The statisticians will remind you that ¬†everybody can’t be, do, have, or succeed at a particular thing. That’s their job. But it’s your job to determine if you’re one of the ones who can.

The life you desire may not be for EVERYBODY, but is it for YOU?

Only YOU can decide. Everybody else is busy living their own lives.

T.K. Coleman

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