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You can’t spell “security” without a “u”

Other people’s advice can’t save you from risk.

Each person has their own energy field which affects the quality of their experiences. The Universe responds not only to our words and actions, but also to our thoughts and feelings.

Even when we perform identical tasks, we attract results that are unique to our individual frequencies.

You may act on another person’s advice, but you don’t have that other person’s vibrational makeup.

Advice can’t save you from you

Your ways of perceiving events and processing emotions will always be the central features of whatever you experience.

Just because someone you trust had a pleasant experience doesn’t mean you will have a pleasant experience.

Unless there is an element within you that is compatible with the recognition of a pleasant result, you will find yourself in a world of consequences completely opposite of what you were advised to anticipate.

The only sense of security you will ever find is located in your own intuitive guidance coupled with the willingness to look for the best in every situation.

Certainty comes from within

Advice, as a means of stepping outside of your subjective framework and obtaining information unique to another’s point of view, is a useful tool. When it is used as a substitute for faith in ourselves, however, it always fails.

Don’t place your faith in someone else’s wisdom, experience, or advice.

Place your faith in your own vibration; your own determination to make whatever you do work for you.

If you consistently vibrate at the frequency of self-confidence and positive expectation, you still may have some unsettling experiences, but you’ll also manifest the power to translate the effects of those experiences into benevolent and beneficial terms.

That’s T.K.’s two cents.

Cheers 🙂

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